In today’s digital era, emails have become an integral part of our daily personal and professional communication. Emails have helped us to connect with people across the globe within seconds. Most of us have started using Gmail as our primary mode of communication. It is reliable, secure, and provides a vast storage space. However, with time, we accumulate a large number of emails, and often it becomes challenging to manage and retrieve them. It is imperative to know how to uncover your past and access archived emails in Gmail. In this article, we will explore the various techniques to access archived emails in Gmail.

What are Archived Emails in Gmail?

Gmail provides an option to archive an email instead of deleting it. Archiving an email is similar to keeping it in a separate folder. When you archive an email, it disappears from your inbox but is still present in your Gmail account. You can access your archived emails whenever you want by navigating to the “All Mail” folder. You can archive emails using two ways:

Method 1: Select an Email and Click on the Archive Button.

– Open Gmail on your computer.
– Select an email by clicking the checkbox next to it.
– Click the Archive button at the top of your Gmail inbox page.

Method 2: Swipe to the Left on Your Email.

– Open the Gmail app on your mobile device.
– Swipe left on the email you want to archive.

Why Archive Emails?

Archiving emails is an excellent way to keep your inbox neat and organized. You can declutter your inbox without deleting any crucial emails. Archiving emails will help you to stay organized, find critical information quickly, and focus on important emails.

Accessing Archived Emails in Gmail

If you have archived your emails, and now you want to retrieve them, then there are a few ways to access your archived emails in Gmail. Let’s explore them one by one:

Method 1: Use the Gmail Search Bar

The easiest way to find an archived email is to use the Gmail search bar. You can search for an email by typing the sender’s name, the subject of the email, or any keywords related to the email. Here’s how you can use the Gmail search bar:

– Open Gmail on your computer or mobile device.
– In the search bar at the top, type the search term for the email you want to find.
– Press enter or click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar.
– Gmail will display all the emails that match the search term, including the archived emails.

Method 2: Navigate to the “All Mail” Folder

If you have archived an email, it is still present in your Gmail account, but it’s not visible in the inbox. All your archived emails are stored in the “All Mail” folder. To access your archived emails, follow these steps:

– Open Gmail on your computer or mobile device.
– On the left-hand side, click on the “More” option.
– Click on the “All Mail” option.
– You will see all your emails, including the archived ones.

Method 3: Create a Filter

You can create a filter in Gmail to automatically archive emails that meet specific criteria. This method is helpful if you receive a large volume of emails that you don’t want to see in your inbox. Here’s how you can create a filter in Gmail:

– Open Gmail on your computer.
– Click on the Gear Icon at the top right and select “Settings.”
– Click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.
– Click on the “Create a new filter” option.
– In the “From” field, add the email address of the sender that you want to filter.
– Click on “Create filter.”
– Check the box for “skip the inbox” and “mark as read” and “also apply filter to matching conversations.”
– Click on the “Create filter” button.

Now all the emails from the sender that you have filtered will be automatically archived in the “All Mail” folder.

Method 4: Third-Party Email Management Tools

If you have a large volume of emails, and you find it challenging to manage them, you can use third-party email management tools. These tools can help you to sort, organize, and retrieve your emails quickly. Here are a few email management tools that you can use:

– Unroll.Me: It helps you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and organize the remaining emails into a single digest.
– SaneBox: It sorts and filters your emails into different folders to help you focus on the essential emails.
– Mailstrom: It helps you to delete or archive emails in bulk, organize emails using filters, and improve your email productivity.


Archiving emails in Gmail is an excellent way to keep your inbox organized and clutter-free. It can help you to retrieve crucial information quickly and focus on important emails. However, it is essential to know how to access archived emails in Gmail. You can use the Gmail search bar, navigate to the “All Mail” folder, create a filter, or use third-party email management tools to access your archived emails. By using these techniques, you can uncover your past and access archived emails in Gmail with ease.

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